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New Year ... New Studio!

I know, it's totally nuts, but we moved house 10 days before Christmas, and 10 days before the whole tribe would be arriving for Christmas lunch! But exhausting as it was, it was kind of good to have an 'unpacking' deadline to keep yourself motivated. So Christmas was a whirlwind of boxes and packaging tape but we are in and it's gorgeous. I feel like this house chose us, a story for another day, and we feel like we've always lived here.

A new house also means a new ART STUDIO for ME! I can't tell you how excited I am to use the word studio rather than having a 'desk area' in the bedroom and on the outdoor deck. My poor husband has been putting up with canvases of all shapes and sizes propped up behind the bedroom furniture for the last few years. My studio will take a bit of work to make it perfect, but my next blog will hopefully show some fabulous progress. So watch this space....

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